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Riding Activities

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Horse Schooling

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Livery Options

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Pony Camps & Days

A number of children’s Pony Days are held throughout the year for £40 per day and details are added to the Equus FaceBook page once scheduled.  There are also week-long Pony Camps held during the Easter Summer and Autumn school holidays, which include a variety of horse activities are great fun for both children and staff.

Laura Neilson Jump Club

Laura Neilson has a wealth of experience in all aspects of horsemanship and is also a full time riding instructor. She provides confidence to all levels of rider & handler.  Laura is extremely friendly and her lessons are amazing.  Equus will be lucky enough to host Laura for some Jump Clubs throughout the year, so keep an eye on the Equus FaceBook page for more details. 

Beach & Forest Hacks

A forest or beach hack is a great way to de-stress after a days work or just to enjoy the scenery and the outdoors. Beach hacks times are obviously tide dependent, but why not call us to book an amazing hack in beautiful Roseisle.

Standard Opening Times
Monday Closed
Tuesday 4pm Kids, starters and taster sessions
5pm Lessons & Hacks
6pm Lessons & Hacks
7pm Experienced Riders


Morning Coffee Morning

Lessons & Hacks

Afternoon Private Group Booking

Activity Afternoons

Thursday Morning Coffee Morning

Lessons & Hacks

Friday 1 – 5pm Afternoon Club
Saturday 10am – 12pm Saddle Club
12 – 1pm Ladies Lesson
1 – 3pm Cubs Club
3 – 4pm Drop Ins
Sunday Available On Request

Give us a call Emma on 07733 789151 or Regan on 07525 858087 to book any of these events.

Riding Activities

Here are the riding activities that we can offer at Equus.  Most can be arranged as group or individual lessons, plus we can also tailor sessions to meet your needs if you have something specific in mind.


Lessons in the School are aimed at all abilities from first sitting on a pony up to experienced riders. We can do private lessons where you can focus on a specific element of your riding. Or you can join a group lesson which will be more general and based on riding ability.

Forest Hacks

Exploring the picturesque and folklore filled Roseilse Forest all abilities can be accommodated in order to take advantage of this wonderful forest adventure. From your first time, nervous, neck grabbing individual to your more proficient, balanced rider, everyone can enjoy the amazing trails at a pace that suits them – a walk, trot, canter or exhilarating gallop. Groups are easily accommodated, plus children as young as 4 are able to go along together with family to enjoy this riding experience.

Beach Hacks

At Equus, we are fortunate enough to have access to Roseilse Beach, miles of beautiful white sands, for you to enjoy. All our horses and ponies are very well behaved and controlled, so the most novice rider can enjoy the beach at a leisurely walk, or a more skilled rider can enjoy a breathtaking experience as they gallop over the sands, unencumbered and safe. You can even have a paddle in the water together.

Horse Care

At Equus we can offer a Horse Care Package which can be taken in isolation concentrating on horse care or it can be incorporated into part of your riding lesson. This package allows you to gain experience in handling your horse from bringing it in from the field, grooming, learning how to tack up and leading your horse around to the school. It will build your confidence and enhance your connection with your horse, which will improve your riding.


Schooling is offered at Equus on a short term or long term basis depending on the level of ‘ASBO’ your horse comes with! So if you are having a hard time getting your horse to accept their first saddle and bridle, or if you are struggling to get those outlines or flexions we can offer help to do this.

Give Lisa a call on 07917 572154 to discuss your schooling needs.

Livery Options

Here at Equus we can offer a variety of livery options including full, part, working and DIY livery. All of which give you access to our excellent facilities. We can also offer schooling, competition, resting and sales livery.

Livery options can be tailored to suit you and the horse and we provide free friendly advice.

Call Emma on 07733 789151 for more information and to arrange a visit.

“We loved it… what a great day!”

I come every Saturday to ride VP – its BRILLIANT!



We had a wonderful forest experience on beautiful horses with friendly, welcoming guides – thank you!



I have progressed from a nervous beginner to somebody who can pop a small jump with confidence.